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Multi-Band Chewable Strawberry – 30 Day Supply


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Product Description

Building Blocks Muti-Band has been formulated to serve a dual role for Bariatric patients. First, Multi-Band has been created for those patients undergoing the adjustable gastric band or sleeve gastrectomy. The second function that Building Blocks Multi-Band serves is as a pre-surgical multiple for all surgical weight loss patients.

Building Blocks Multi-Band was designed to meet the needs of patients undergoing a restrictive procedure and as a pre-surgical multiple. This formulation uses both pre-formed vitamin A and beta-carotene as a blend to make up its vitamin A. With an RDI of 5000 IU per day, Building Blocks provides that 5,000 IU is preformed and then allows the body to determine if it needs to convert additional beta-carotene into vitamin A as well. Since beta-carotene is non-toxic, there is no concern that these levels of vitamin A will be too high. Vitamin D deficiencies are being reported on a more frequent basis. Building Blocks Multi-Band provides 200% of the RDI of vitamin D and contains one of the highest levels of vitamin D available. This Multi-Band formulation also contains 18mg of ferrous fumarate, which is a highly absorbable type of iron. This excellent pre-surgical multiple also contains high antioxidant levels. These powerful antioxidants are added to help protect the liver from damage following weight loss surgery.

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    great vitamins. I tried something else that also contained iron, then found I was anemic. Back to BB vitamins

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