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Calcium Deficiency and Supplementation

Calcium 2

Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in our blood, and plays a major role in the way our bodies function. While calcium’s primary function is building strong bones and keeping them healthy, it is also plays an important role in the blood PH balance of the body and is necessary for nerve transmission and muscle contractions. The changes made to your digestive system during bariatric procedures make it challenging for your body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients as it had previously.

Vitamin B12 Sublingual Spray

The Importance of Vitamin B12

What is Vitamin B12?
Vitamin B12 is required for neurological function, carbohydrate metabolism, energy production, and cognitive brain function. Vitamin B12 is water soluble, meaning your body does not store it. If you consume more B12 than your body needs, your kidneys will filter out what your body cannot use and excrete it through your urine.

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Iron + Vitamin C

The role of iron in your body is to help create hemoglobin, the substance inside your red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body to produce energy and form antioxidants. It is also important for the health of your hair, skin and nails.

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