Building Blocks Vitamins strongly believes in healthy living. Through diet, exercise and proper nutritional supplementation, we believe every bariatric patient has the opportunity to “Build a Healthier You”.

Our vitamins are not designed for just anyone, they are bariatric specified formulated vitamins designed to aid the bariatric patient in long term nutritional success. If you have had or are planning on undergoing surgical weight loss surgery [Gastric Bypass, LapBand, or Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedures] you have taken a big step in your weight loss journey. However, your journey does not stop in the operating room. The qualities that make bariatric surgery so successful, specifically the restrictive and absorption aspects of the procedure, also create special nutritional considerations that make bariatric specified formulated vitamins an important part of your post weight loss surgery routine.

Weight loss surgery naturally creates nutritional deficiencies for a variety of reasons:

Reduced daily food intake due to the procedure making structural changes to your anatomy causing gastric restriction.

  1. The reduced size of the gastric pouch produces negligible amounts of digestive enzymes used for the complete
    digestion of certain foods
  2. The reduced size of the gastric pouch produces minimal amounts of gastric acid and intrinsic factor which are
    both required for the proper absorption of vitamin B12.
  3. The stomach bypasses a portion of the gut which is necessary for the absorption of many vitamins and minerals.


Choose Bariatric Specified Formulated Vitamins

Regular daily multivitamins and/or children’s chewable supplements ARE NOT AN EFFECTIVE method of meeting the special vitamin and
mineral needs of the bariatric patient. They were not designed with these specific needs in mind. Post gastric
bypass surgery patients can choose bariatric specified formulated vitamins to address these concerns, and provide
bariatric anemia help.

If these bariatric nutritional needs are ignored, deficiencies can occur, causing
significant health complications. Conversely, if you are diligent about implementing a daily bariatric supplement
routine, you will find yourself feeling healthier, happier, with more energy!

More about Building Blocks Vitamins-Essential Bariatric Supplements

Building Blocks Vitamins are comprised of key vitamin and mineral supplements in levels in line with what has
been reported to maintain proper health following bariatric surgery. Our products contain the highest bio-available
ingredients to aide in absorption of these nutrients.
Below you will find a list of our bariatric specified vitamins, what makes them so effective and how they address bariatric vitamin deficiencies.

Remember, it is not only important to integrate these supplements into your daily routine for life, but to also have regular blood tests to have your physician check their levels of vitamins and minerals.

Building Blocks Multiple Vitamin

This Multiple Vitamin has been formulated specifically for bariatric patients. Comprised of key vitamin and mineral in levels which have been reported to maintain proper health following weight loss surgery.

Vitamin A as both pre-formed Vitamin A and beta-carotene. Through this approach, Building Blocks utilizes a safe, yet effective approach to ensure that you obtain adequate levels.

Vitamin D deficiencies are being reported more frequently in bariatric patients. Building Blocks has integrated the most appropriate levels of Vitamin D in its Multiple Vitamin.


The gut does not adequately absorb vitamin B-12 following surgery due to
the minimal levels of intrinsic factor. Building Blocks Multiple Vitamin maintains one of the highest levels of
vitamin B-12 available in a multivitamin.

Building Blocks Multiple Vitamin utilizes chelated minerals in our multiple to enhance absorption Alpha Lipoic Acid [capsule] and N Acetyl L Cysteine [chewable] are powerful antioxidants that help to protect the liver from damage that may occur following weight loss surgery.


Multiple Capsule

Chewable Multiple Mixed Berry

Chewable Multiple Mixed Berry











Building Blocks Calcium Citrate

Calcium is necessary if you have undergone
bariatric surgery due to reduced levels of gastric acid. Calcium supplements are therefore required of the gastric
bypass patient, and are most effective in the form of calcium citrate, not calcium carbonate phosphate or coral

  • Building Blocks Calcium is formulated as calcium citrate with vitamin D and magnesium included for optimal
  • You will find in our Calcium Capsule and Calcium Chewable Chocolate and Orange a daily serving size of calcium
    citrate vitamins contains 1000 mg of elemental calcium. We have recently released a NEW Calcium Chewable Black
    Raspberry with 1200 mg of elemental calcium in the daily serving size for those that need extra calcium citrate.
  • Available in capsule, chewable chocolate and chewable orange.



Calcium Capsule


Chewable Calcium Black Raspberry


Chewable Calcium Chocolate


Chewable Calcium Orange

Building Blocks Iron

Building Blocks
maintains two forms of iron based on the patient need and tolerance level. We offer a glycinate form, chelated to
amino acid for maximum absorption in 15mg and 30mg non chewable tablets and is formulated to not cause

  • Building Blocks also has an Iron 30mg Black Raspberry Chewable which comes in the fumerate form.
  • The chewable iron has been micro-coated to prevent teeth from staining, yet will still break down with minimal
    acid in the gut.
  • Available in non-chewable tablet and chewable black raspberry.


Iron 15mg Tablet


Iron 30mg Tablet


Chewable Iron Black Raspbery

Building Blocks Anti-OX

Our Anti-OX is a
proprietary blend of high powered antioxidants created specifically for you, the bariatric patient. Antioxidants are
necessary to combat free radicals and to aid the body in the healing process after surgery. Both the capsule and the
chewable contain appropriate levels of vitamins A,C, E and coenzyme Q-10. Additionally, the capsules contain alpha
lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the liver from oxidative stress that occurs with the
breakdown of fat following bariatric surgery.

  • Excellent PRE SURGICAL antioxidant
  • Promotes healing and recovery in early post-op period
  • Reduces cardiovascular risk
  • Helps to improve the immune system
  • Assists in the reduction of oxidative stress levels
  • Available in capsule and chewable cherry.


Anti-OX Capsule

Anti-OX Capsule

Chewable Anti-Ox Cherry

Chewable Anti-Ox Cherry

Building Blocks Multi-Band

Building Blocks created this product with two purposes in mind.

If you are planning on having bariatric surgery, this vitamin serves as an excellent pre-surgical multiple for
ALL surgical weight loss patients. Prior to the surgery, the majority of morbidly obese patients are vitamin
deficient and a quality multiple vitamin is required by most bariatric surgeons as part of the pre-surgical

The Multi-Band was also created specifically for bariatric patients who undergo a restrictive procedure such as
the adjustable gastric band. While a restrictive procedure allows patients to acquire a greater amount of
nutrients from food, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are still likely to occur. Building Blocks Multi-Band has
been formulated in a chewable form with levels of vitamin and minerals reported to prevent deficiencies.

  • Developed as a blend of pre-formed vitamin A and beta-carotene to ensure proper absorption
  • Chelated minerals for increased absorption
  • Available in chewable strawberry.


Chewable Multi-Band Strawberry

Building Blocks B-12

Bariatric patients, following surgery under-absorb vitamin B-12 due to significantly reduced levels of gastric
acid and intrinsic factor. Because of this, the only way for the body to maintain appropriate levels is to
introduce B-12 at a higher level in the form of a dietary supplement.

  • This sublingual spray delivers 200 mcg of B-12 per spray using the innovative Nanoceutical Delivery System
  • NDS was found to be more rapidly absorbed than the oral tablet formulation
  • Refreshing Spearmint Flavor

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