Bariatric Surgery has changed the way your body looks and feels, the surgery has also changed the way your body absorbs vital minerals and nutrients. In order to compensate for this internal change, it is imperative that in addition to exercise and healthy eating, you chose Building Blocks Vitamins to address your bariatric nutritional needs.

Building Blocks Vitamins – Building a Healthier You


Bariatric Surgery is an effective treatment for morbid obesity and its associated co-morbidities; however, without Building Blocks Vitamins, certain deficiencies can occur. It’s important to understand the special bariatric nutritional needs as you adjust to post-operative life. To learn more about bariatric deficiency in the bariatric patient, visit our online Bariatric Education Section

About Bariatric Nutritional Needs

After bariatric surgery your body is restricted in the amount of food you can ingest. Your body also is restricted in its ability to absorb key nutrients. Eating less and absorbing less can cause deficiencies in key vitamins/nutrients. Building Blocks Vitamins have been specifically designed to tackle bariatric deficiencies and vitamin deficits while helping with bariatric nutritional needs head on.

Building Blocks Vitamins-Essential Bariatric Supplements have been formulated and designed with the bariatric patient in mind, for every stage of your journey.

To learn more about what makes our liquid, capsule and chewable bariatric supplements so unique please click here

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