The idea of implementing a daily bariatric supplement nutrition may seem like a daunting task. Here at Building Blocks Vitamins-Essential Bariatric Supplements, we believe you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops, solve quantum physics or need to know decryption in order to achieve bariatric nutrient success.


Daily Bariatric Supplement Nutrition

Building Blocks Vitamins-Essential Bariatric Vitamins has developed a simple daily bariatric supplement regime to help you achieve and maintain a healthy balance of the essential vitamins and minerals that “Help Build a Healthier You.” Based on the type of surgery you had, you can quickly identify which daily bariatric supplement nutrition regime works for you so you can avoid gastric bypass surgery memory loss and other symptoms associated with weight loss surgery.


Gastric Bypass/Sleeve Gastrectomy Daily Bariatric Supplement Nutrition Regime

Daily Regime Sleeve & Bypass


Laparascopic banding Daily Regime

Daily Regime Lap Band


Why can’t I just take them all the vitamins at once?

Wouldn’t it be simple if there were a magic pill that you could take once a day? Of course it would! However, with weight loss surgery, the same reason for you having these vitamin/mineral deficiencies to start with are the same reason this ONE MAGIC PILL won’t work. You need to give your body daily intervals of high concentrations of these essentials vitamins and minerals through a daily bariatric supplement nutrtition routine, which allows your body the opportunity to absorb these valuable nutrients. We’ve designed these bariatric supplements to address post-operative symptoms, including gastric bypass stomach acid, anemia and memory loss.



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