Iron 60mg+C

Iron 60mg+C Tablets – 30 Day Supply


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Product Description

Building Blocks now offers a 60 mg iron tablet plus vitamin C to optimize iron absorption into the body. We are providing our customers with the highest dosage of iron available. By pairing 60 mg of chelated iron with vitamin C your iron intake is more convenient and worry free, now all you need is 1 tablet.

Our 60 mg iron tablets are offered in chelated form, meaning that the iron is bound to amino acids by a natural process that allows the body to accept the iron into the cells more easily. Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid which binds to the iron to increase its stability and solubility into the intestines.

Additional Benefits:
This product contains 75mg of Vitamin C for maximum absorption!

DO NOT take Iron and Calcium together or within 2 hours of each other.

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Iron 60mg + C

2 reviews for Iron 60mg+C Tablets – 30 Day Supply

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have tried many other brands since my surgery in 2006, but have found that ultimately this is the best one for mr. I have had to get iron therapy infusions due to severe anemia, but once I returned to BB Vitamins, there had been a marked and continued improvement.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I agree I was anemic these are great

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