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Greetings, bariatric patient community! Welcome to our “Living Your Best Life after Bariatric Surgery” forum. I am a family nurse practitioner with special training in, and a passion for lifestyle medicine. This means using lifestyle modifications through diet, stress reduction, vitamin, mineral, and adaptogen supplements to maximize health and well-being.

I have been working with post -operative bariatric surgical patients for the past 20 years, making me an expert in management of long-term vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery. I have experienced first hand the terrible consequences of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Symptoms ranging from fatigue, mental cloudiness, to neurological deficits, memory issues, depression, anxiety, heart arrythmias, bone loss, muscle and joint pain, hair loss, skin issues and many more! Conversely, I have seen many patients improve their overall sense of health and well being DRAMATICALLY.. all by taking an appropriate vitamin and mineral supplement that meets their unique needs. Being a witness to these two spectrums spurred my passion for being a patient educator, advocate, and lifelong learner of nutrient and supplement management of the patients I serve!

I will be posting weekly educational blog articles that relate to bariatric surgery, weight management, vitamins, minerals and other supplements and their usefulness and indications, as well as tips on overall healthy living. My intention is to help educate people so that they can take charge of the choices they make and feel their best! Optimal health and well being allows us to live our best life and give more to the world!