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Building Blocks Vitamin-Essential Bariatric Supplements is dedicated to providing a quality product designed especially for the bariatric patient. Made with the highest bio-available ingredients, we offer a complete product line of bariatric specific formulated vitamins and minerals.
Supplements were developed to address the specific needs of the surgical weight loss patient. Our bariatric supplements product line was designed by a team of bariatric professionals with health and success of the bariatric surgical patient in mind.

Individual Vitamins & Vitamin Packages
Shop through our store for individual vitamin supplements, packages and protein products. Save money and time by ordering a wide variety of vitamin supplement packages in capsule, chewable, and tablet forms;
  • Essential packages contain: Multiple, Calcium and Iron
  • Advantage packages contain:  Multiple, Calcium , Iron and Anti-Ox
  • Ultimate packages contain: Multiple, Calcium, Iron, Anti-Ox and B-12

NOTE: (Iron not included with packages containing Multi-band vitamin supplements).
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(Liquid,Chewables,Capsules)Building Blocks Vitamins are comprised of key vitamin and mineral supplements in levels in line with what has been reported to maintain proper health following bariatric surgery. Our products contain the highest bioavailable ingredients to aid in absorption of these nutrients.

Proteins (Shakes, Bars, and Snacks)
As a bariatric patient, you understand the importance of protein supplementation. Here you have the convenience of ordering your protein needs at the same time as ordering your essential bariatric vitamins.

Featured Quality Products
Developed from the highest bio-available products, Building Blocks Vitamins is your source for quality bariatric vitamin supplements. Visit our online store to read more about our products.

Best Sellers
It is important to know what bariatric vitamins your are taking, how to integrate them into your daily routine and what exactly is in those vitamins. Building Blocks Vitamins has developed a resource dedicated to helping you understand more about bariatric vitamins.

Blog Articles


Oral Hygiene Creates a Picture of Health

By: Michelle Stewart MPH, RDLD/N, CDE

Sometimes we really don’t think of all the aspects WLS can have on our bodies including our dental health. Many patients who undergo Weight Loss Surgery have distinct gastrointestinal systems that may require unique care. Your dental team should be aware of your surgery as well as any medications you are taking.

NOT ANOTHER SUPPLEMENT! Why Taking Calcium Is So Important


By: Michelle Stewart MPH, RDLD/N, CDE

Most of us need to supplement today’s typical diet with calcium even if we have not had weight loss surgery because of the lack of calcium rich foods in our diet. Consuming adequate amounts of dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, turnips, and collard greens, or eating broccoli, and seafood like shrimp, sardines and salmon as well as low fat dairy, almonds, oranges, papaya, and soy products can be difficult to fit in with our busy on-the-go lifestyles.